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How to install HTML / Java Script anti right click script

After a long search and tried various ways and directions from a friend on a blog or wordpress finally I found, with a bit of a combination of various blogs and it worked.
In the installation of anti-right-click this script there are 2 ways: by using the message and without message or edit the HTML directly through the menu on the dashboard designer our blog.well I will discuss how to install one by one, ok let's start it.

  1.   how to install the script using the anti-right-click the message.

  •   Log into your blog address first. 
  • Click the menu design. 
  • Go to page elements.
  •  copy the script below 

  • Click the plus Gadged located up to you. 
  • Select Configure HTML / JavaSript. 
  • paste the script and save it. 
 2.Without using Messagesafter you enter and select the menu design of the next steps are: 
  • Choose Edit HTML. 
  •  Find the code <body>c. Replace with the following Script.

<body onmousedown="return false" oncontextmenu="return false" onselectstart="return false">

  • Save the template

and my sentence can be changed at will your enough so my article this time, may be useful and to progress this blog leave your  comment

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  1. nice article
    I will try it
    and Thank's

  2. Bos, saya mau pasang banner anda, tapi URL-nya ga bisa dicopy, malah disangka pembajak, heheeeee



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