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hi, see you again in this article I want to share with categories Trick, I try to share the knowledge that in fact not new, but it never hurts to learn together. Yes, if there are readers who have a more efficient step-related topics this time. please refer to the complete exposure of both below.

All computer users generally have been doing the installation, either operating systems or applications. When dealing with computers that are still new, of course the user must first install the operating system. Source operating system is usually in the form of a CD or DVD disc. The problem now is, what if the operating system installation will be done on a computer that does not have ODD [Optical Disc Drive]? ODD buy or borrow tools from another computer clearly is not an efficient way.
Departure from these issues, including cross in my mind to make another installer media that media practically available in all types of computers, is a USB [Universal Serial Bus]. Discuss this time I lift the theme making the installer for the operating system Microsoft Windows 7 because it is already widely used today.

Here are some components that must be prepared to make the installer Windows 7 into a flash disk.

* A flash disk with a capacity to use at least 4GB.
* Source Microsoft Windows 7 [be from media DVD or ISO which has been linked to the system].
* A USB port on your computer or laptop.

Here are some steps to make it

* Format UFD
Start by formatting the flash disk will function as an installer. This step is also to ensure that the flash disk is in good condition. The format that you can do from the Windows Explorer as usual and wait until the end.

* Command Prompt As Administrator
The process requires the authority of an administrator user, then enter the command prompt window as administrator. You simply right-clicking the command prompt shortcut is available in the Start menu, then select option [Run as Administrator].

* Diskpart

We will use internal Windows applications, namely diskpart. Consider the steps detailed below.

1. Execution command to diskpart Login console.

2. Disk list of command execution to see a list of available storage media in the system.

3. Select flash disk that will be used as an installer with the command disk select x [where x is a number that represents your flash disk].

4. Clean the disk with a fill flash net command.

5. Create a primary partition with the command to create a primary partition.

6. Select the partition that was created with the command select 1 partition.

7. Activate the selected partition to active command.

8. Change the NTFS file system type with command format fs = ntfs and wait until the end.

9. Connect flash disk into the system by giving commands. Flash disk will reappear in the command post system.

10. Exit Diskpart console with the command exit.

Microsoft Windows 7 Sources

Flash is able to accommodate source operating system, please prepare the source of Microsoft's Windows 7 via an optical device or ISO files associated with the system. Next follow the steps below to install the finalization of manufacture.

1. Still from the command prompt window, air factoring into the source directory boot Microsoft Windows 7.

2. Create a boot manager on the flash disk from the source with the command bootsect.exe / nt60 x: [where x is the letter representing the drive flash disk].

3. Back to drive the main source of Microsoft's Windows 7 with the command cd ..

4. Copy the entire contents of the source of Microsoft's Windows 7 to flash disk with the command xcopy / aeh * x [where x is the letter representing the drive flash disk].

5. Finish with a copy, was out of order execution to close windowit command prompt to close the command prompt window.

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Can the form of questions, criticisms, enter, shortcomings, praise to ridicule as well please. That way, hopefully in the future I can serve other useful articles for all. Thank you ...

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