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Free application for your mobile phone

Opera Mini Application Ver.5.0

Application opera mini a mobile java-based application that can be used for browsing through your mobile phone. With facilities gprs in the phone, you can air the Internet with cheap and also faster loading on the Internet from browsing the Internet using the default desktop browsing from their phones.

Opera Mini International yahoo version: Download the application here.

Opera Mini Indonesia google Version: Download here.

File Manager Ver.10

Symbian-based mobile application to manage all files on the phone, including a file system that can not be opened via the file manager on the phone menu. You should be careful to use this application to prevent damage to the system on your mobile phone.

Download Application Mobile File Manager v. 1.0 here.

MIG33 Corosive

MIG33 corrosive applications are java applications that can be used to chat via phone. With the Internet connection via GPRS. Download application here.


A symbian application to eliminate / prevent harmful viruses ComWarior for symbian phones. Download Anti ComWarior here.


Symbian mobile antivirus applications, can be updated to add anti-virus data base.
Download Anti Virus Simwork 1:24

Anti Virus F-Secure

Antivirus applications for symbian phones v.60 F-Secure.
Download anti-virus applications F-Secure symbian phones here

Anti virus Jamanda Cabir Fix

Jamanda antivirus application for Symbian mobile phone virus Cabir Fix block is transmitted through blue tooth media
Download anti-virus applications Jamanda Cabir Fix here.


to remove the software installed on symbian phones that do not need.
Download Font Remover Here

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